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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 2, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's it for us on the five. see you tomorrow. special report is next. >> bret: the administration's report on benghazi comes days after a new hearog capt apt hill. this is "special report." ♪ i am bret baier. fox news has brought you the special report what happened in the benghazi attack last fall. some people in washington may be listen trying to do something about it. james robson has the story. >> fox news learned that the inspector general's office is investigating for more than a month whether the accountability review board
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for the secretary of state hillary clinton reviewing the benghazi incident failed to interview key witnesses that was asked to give the accounts. the former justice department official are representing two benghazi whistle-blowers that were spurned by the arb and will testify before congress next week. they spoke to geraldo rive ory. there were there were people who were witnesses and wanted to talk to they were not allowed to talk to them . the people that we are representing are career civil servants and they are people who served the country overseas, in the country, in dangerous positions, all over the world, have risk would their lives, and only want to tell the truth. >> led by former un ambassador
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tom pickering and ar mulen. the arb they reported that systemic measures below secretary of state hillary clinton were to blame in benghazi where two attackings killed four merrence inchuding our ambassador to libya. it was a model of thoroughness and cited to deflect questions of what happened on september 11th of last year. >> the accountability review board that investigated this manner and in no one's estimation sugar coated what happened there and pulled punches when it came to holding accountable individuals that they felt had not successfully executed their responsibilities and heard from everyone and invited everyone. >> we have done a transparent investigation and shared those findings with the u.s.
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congress. >> now the they are coming under the scutiny of the department's top auditor. >> and minutes ago, they pushed back telling me it is false. aig is not investigating the benghazi review panel, rather it is conduct being a review from the arb itself and going back a number of years since the statute was passed. more than 100 people were interviewed for benghazi. >> bret: we'll hear more on capitol hill? >> right with witnesses we never heard from before. >> bret: you can see that interview on geraldo at large saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> president obama said the u.s. must look before it leaps in a confrontation with syria. ground troops regained the
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district of hol mes today. this afternoon the head man of the pentagon gave a hint of what the president may be thinking. >> after a meeting with the british defense secretary obama administration moved one step closer to providing lethal aid to the opposition. >> you are rethinking to arming the rebels. >> yes. options include setting up a no fly zone and limited air strikes and or arming syrian rebels >> we have not thus far provided arms to the rebels. we never said it is not what we will not do. we will legally do what we can do. >> the embargo expires in the end of may. bashar assad made a rare public appearance and addressed his nation.
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>> in spite of all of the wounds and pain, we'll walk hand in happened for a brighter future for syria and walk forward and not scared by the bullets and terrorized by the hatred because we are in the right. >> the washington post editorial board pened a scathing condemnation of the american's president absence of leadership. >> it is muddier and his weak and legalistic words about the need to verify a chain of custody on chemical weapons use and his declaration that even a hard would lead over to rethink the further chemical attackings. british secretary countered elements that rogue elements of the rejome may control the chemical weapons. >> the regime is largely in control of its chemical
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weapons . principle chemical weapons site. that is not the same to say we can account for every last unit of the chemical stocks. >> president obama spoke moments ago in mexico can suggest would he is weighing military options in syria is secretary hagel's comments reflects what he has said for months >> jennifer, thank you. the president is in mexico on an important mission moting with the mexican counter part. the main issue there is imreform. the real issue is the president's crumbling second term agenda. ed henry is tramping with the president. >> president obama's first extended meeting with the mexico president, also on a political agenda and salvaging immigration reform as other
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big with legacy items fizzle. >> there is comprehensive immigration reform that lives up to a nation of laws and immigrants. >> he acrossed the are you day mark empty handed though immigration seems like a best shot of a quin. unlike with guns, this is an issue where senator marco rubio want a deal. >> we can't leave in place behawe now it is terrible for the country. >> when asked about allowing illegal immigrants to be u.s. citizens if they meet requirements like learning english and paying back taxes. 70 percent of the voters favor that only 21 percent oppose. there are plenty concern about the boston tersor.
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eye new poll found if the bombings change would their opinion on a path of citizenship for illegal immigrants 23 percent said yes . 70 percent said no . that could increase the likely of terror, sevenpercent said decreasing the likelihood and 66 percent said no difference. >> here in mexico, the president needs to be serious on board security. >> that is a major confession. what we expect is to modernize our immigration citizen and have the tracking system and five and half billion in border security in addition to what is spent. >> rubio is a key architect for the gang of 8. >> i am optmistic we are going to get comprehensive immigration reform passed.
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>> he appeared to not push harder on the guns and showing he is all in on immigration reform. he had a private meeting with a dozen latino leaders to try to push for a deal, bret. >> the president of mexico city. ed henry, thank you. >> what is the difference with tim tebow and jason collins and what investigators are finding following the arrest of new suspects in the boston. d. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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>> bret: we learned that the body of tamerlan tsarnaev was moved from the medical examiner to a funeral home. no one has claimed the 26 year old's remains. we are learning more about what the investigators found with the bombing suspects. katherine has the information.
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>> good evening, computers are recovered and are being examined by the f.b.i.. two courses tell fox news that the brothers did not wipe or clear the hard drive in advance of the boston attackings. it takes on significance in light of the arrest. two young men from kazakhstan, kadyrbayev and tazhayakov phillipos decided to take the items to keep them out of trouble . kadyrbayev took the laptop because he didn't want the roommate to think he was acting suspiciously by just taking the backpack. separately two sources confirm to fox news that a review of the electronics found evidence that tamerlan created jihadi
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videos by himself. the house homeland security committee is holding hearings a week today. >> it is just a lot of unanswered questions here and some of it is human error and some may require the justice department to change its procedures and how much leeway they get. >> homeland security officials confirm that tazhayakov wasible able to get in country because customs was not notified. this week's arrest underscored the need of better policing. this is a latest in a long history of failures. we are not creening them before they study nothing the u.s.. the congressman introduced legislation to close that gap. >> thank you. >> bret: a pentagon report to congress said north korea will
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be moving closer to the goal of striking the u.s. with a bomb if it invests in the technology. an american was sentence to 15 years of hard labor . he was accused of hostile acts against the state. one expert speculates that north korea is attempting to trigger a visit by a high profile american to trigger a release. april was the deadliest month in iraq. the figures underscore concerns that security is quickly deteriorating in that country. immigration and custom's enforcement official are looking at human trafficking in virginia. ice agents went to a home owned by the government of saudi arabia on tuesday night and removed two possible victims. a spokesperson could not be
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>> monday lawmakers and the tax code line by line as they try to eliminate and reduce deductions on which we spend 1.1 trillion a year. it sounds much simpler than it is. >> the goal to clean up the tax code and lower the tax in the process.
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the white house singled out a couple of favorite targets. >> to give up tax breaks and oil and gas company to give up taxpayer subidies. >> it is 30 or 40 billion and it is not nothing but relative to challenges we have it is small. >> it is widely enjoyed boy all americans and not just wealthy individuals. they are taxing employer provided health insurance and making an inexpensive benefit to workers. senator charles grassly talked about the taxes that tend to be higher in democratic states. with heavy hit on the blue state, taxpayers and the majority will not want to visit tadeduction. >> or the deduction of home mortage interest. it goes to the middle income
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taxpayer . we want to tank the tepid housing recovery. >> president obama proposed a way of making those decisions by capping deductions at 28 percent. >> it is mortgage interest and 28 cents back. at the moment it is based on a marginal tax rate and they would get 40 cents back. >> you get to decide where it goes. >> it violates the president's long standing pledge on families making less than $250,000 a year . families making more than $223,000 a year . republicans want tax reforms to reduce the deficit and lower tax rates. >> the administration is happy with broadening the base. we have seen them go in other direction. tax is hard dance for them. >> obviously the parties
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disagree. and the white house supports a reduction in corporate rates. many want to replace the sequester and spend more and not lower rates. >> and the president try to raise income taxes on middle class families? go to twitter and you can find me at bret baier. carl cameron tells us more democrats are saying what the republicans have been saying all along. >> senator majority leader harry reid is word about implementation of obama care off track and head for disaster >> max said it was a train wreck. i agree with him. >> max wrote much of the affordable care act and lambasted kathleen sebluous in a committee grilling.
3:23 pm
>> i tell you, i see a huge train wreck coming down. you and i discussed it many time i don't see results. >> baucus will not seek reelection. he blames obama administration how the reforms will be passed or implemented. >> people generally dislike what they don't understand. it is the benefits of affordable care act that deserve a failing grade. you need to fix it baucus and the finance committee included the start up money. but implementation will cost 5 or 10 billion. to close that gap, they are looking to transfer funds out of other affordable care accounts. it is what baucus has health care consumers and providers and consumers worried abouted hading off of the rails. >> i am home, small businesses have no idea what to do and
3:24 pm
what to expect. they don't know what affordability rules are and when penalties may apply. >> reid indicated it was all ready for the presentation to the public if they billions more dollars. >> we have the menu but no way to get to the menu. >> they wrote the law under the estimated starting cost according to the cvo. >> and the bill is pass gave it to congress. >> the democrats said could hurt them in the next election. republicans warned about excessive cost bureaucracy and voted against it when it was in the house and senate. >> day three of deliberations and no verdict in the philadelphia abortion doctor case. kermit gosnell is charged with the murder of four babies born alive in abortions. the jury must consider 300
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grapevine. jason collins became a household name when he announced he was gay and making him the first major sports athlete to do so. he was hailed a hero and another athlete was not always greeted with the warm and welcoming spirit. tim tebo was cut by the new york jets and leaving many on social media to show contrast of how tebo was treated with the faith and pro life views. in a 2011 column should tim tebow be so flamboyant. mo have learn to live with boundaries and avoid putting it in arenas where it
3:30 pm
is unexpected or unwelcome. >> the department of interior warned of devastating consequence to the parks and possible closure of hiking trails and campgrounds. there is 13 new national historic landmarks including a kentucky whiskey disstillery and artist retreat in upstate new york and three new national monuments. republican senator coburn in oklahoma said it makes little sense to expand the sites when the budget of every otheritate park is cut and visitors are turned away from visiting the white house. the spokesman for the secretary said the department has taken aggressive steps to reduce spend since there is across the board cuts it does not allow for the flexibility to rob peter to pay paul. >> a summer job that is cool.
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norway has a opening for a polar bear spotter and telling researchers about the bears. the job requirements. enjoyment of the outdoors and ability to identify polar bears and competence with guns just in case. but the loud voice seems to be the biggest qualification. >> president obama is filling out the remaining chairs in his cabinet and far from the campaign promise to change the way washington works. it appears that the president is operating as usual. >> a spate of presidential nominations raises new questions about the administration's long held commitment to close washington's revolving door. >> i have done more than any candidate in this race to take on the corporate lobbyist and i are won.
3:32 pm
they have not funded my campaign and worked in my white house and will not drown out the voice of the american. tom wheeler, a former top lobbyist for cable and wireless company to be the chair. he raised over 20 million . the president said the trea hoe may regulate is not a liability. >> he's like the jim brown of telecomx. bo jackson of telecom. tom knows this stuff inside and out. >> another bundler is the pick for the commerce department. penny prit zer who is worth 1.sevenbillion. she was chairman of the superior barching that collapsed in 2001 with the subprime mortgage loans .
3:33 pm
nominated with the housing agency is mel watt and underwriting for fannie mae. >> he's protect the risk takers. >> critics disagree. watts' nomination shows that the fox is guarding the hen house. slated to be one michael froman. it is spinning fast as ever. the law states that if you spend less than 20 percent of your time lobbying in washington you don't have to lobist. powerful lobbyist delegate authority to subordinates it is a loop hole that should be closed before the revolving door stops spinning.
3:34 pm
>> the market is up again. s&p 500 finished ahead 15 and the nasdaq up 41 and half. a man who fired a gun inside of the houston airport is dead tonight. it is unclear if he shot himself or kill would by a homeland security agent that confronted him. no other injuries were reported. a new investigation into what went wrong in benghazi. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. ♪ [ female announcer ] recently, jcpenney changed.
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the accountability review board that was conducted by admiral was a cover up one of the worst jobs done in governmental report didn't interview the secretary of state for their report. how you can do benghazi investigation, and not interview the secretary of state, and not interview a series of people who were intimately involved in benghazi, asked to be interviewed, and declined to be interviewed. >> bret: two attorneys, who are representing witnesses, whistle-blowers, and they are saying that the arb, the accountability review board as you heard is not what it was
3:39 pm
billed to be. the administration's defense of benghazi. fox news learned that the inspector in the state department is in fact looking into the arb, opening a review and investigation for more than a month, looking into if they failed the brew . key witnesses who asked that panel to give their accounts. the state department said it is not an official but a review process of the arb over the years and here is what jay carny said about the panel yesterday. >> heard from everyone and invited everyone. it was a clear indication that everyone who had something to say welcome to provide information to accountability review board and with regard to the stories, to our knowledge we are not aware of agencies and employees that would like to appear before
3:40 pm
congress. >> bret: there will be another her david for roll high school . marrow and mara law lasson and charles krauthammer. you have them investigating the arb. there is a lot of initials here and the panel points back to defense was benghazi. >> throughout the entire odessy from the day of attack until now. fresh news reports is the first time i have seen a major political problem for the administration. people are asking questions and the classic question. what did you know and when did you know it and did you choose to obscour anything because of the president's reelection. part of this will depend on
3:41 pm
what kind of investigation do house republicans conduct? there are a number pushing the speaker to report a creation of a special select committee that has subpoena power . the chairman are resistant to this because they are conducting for a while a joint investigation . i think that there are a number of questions that the administration is going to need to worry and i really feel as much of the reporting done and questions that are asked. this is the first time it looks as if people may have voluntarily decided we don't want to get into this because it is probatic. the president will to answer these questions. >> mara, we have to find out what they have to say. they are not contractor, but career employees and they will testify and tell their story and question is why were they
3:42 pm
turn away if they were wanting to be volunteered. i don't see why everybody was not interviewed at all. we'll see. up until now, this issue hasn't gone away but haunt exploded in a huge scandal. but it is persistant and has not disappeared. >> it is important because the state department clung to the arb report as to a life raft and treated it like the gospel according to mathew. all of the questions were asked and answers and i am not sure i would accept the view right now that it was a cover up. i don't see a motive for admiral mulen to conduct a cover up. but it is possible it was sloppy and incomplete and
3:43 pm
cursory. if you don't interview the secretary of state, you are leaving something large out of this . if it turns out people who were material witnesses who could have known stuff and turned away rather than perhaps ignored or negligence involved, but if there was active turning away to protect the administration there is it a scandal on your hands. >> you mentioned how the hearing on wednesday is won. we heard that there is a number of benghazi hearings and there is a lot of criticism of how those hearings were run because of the questions that were not asked. there were opportunities to ask different questions. >> i think we will see more of the joint house republican investigation from judiary armed services and congressmanissa committee.
3:44 pm
it is information that implements former secretary of state clinton and you will see deeper questioning and there is clearly more of a hunger for this from republican voters if you will conservatives to try to get to the bottom of this . house republicans are obviously very sensitive to what conservative activist want and the fact that you simply now with fox news reporting this week, have a lot more questions to ask, bret, that didn't exist the last time the hearings were held. >> bret: if you look mara in the house document and committee report. it is not just vague termology. that i have have specific e-mails with people's names on them and dates and times when the emaims were sent and detail would stuff in there. >> the big question that the republicans have been after, something that showed that
3:45 pm
secretary clinton knew there were request for extra security and denied those request herself. there is a debate because her name is on every singlicable and whether she read it and reviewed it and answered it. we are waiting to see and we'll see what happens next week when these people testify. >> bret: the talking points and the evolution and deputy's meet how they evolve would was a big point. >> it is always three elements. what happened before? warnings ignored and what ever afterwards and what happened during the time. is it true as we heard from the special operator who spoke, up know in camera last week, that there was an opportunity to get rescue and it was denied? i think it is always three
3:46 pm
elements and those are the questions and i think the republicans ought to be careful to ask a question and not give a speech and listen to the previous question and follow up . lastly to treat everybody impartial way looking for information and being willing to accept human error and not assuming the worst of the motives. to make it a real motive and take away the argument that it is it a political attack. >> bret: senator john mccain willob the record with gret tato talk about this and others. next up. president obama goes south of the border to push immigration reform.
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>> i am optmistic about us getting it done and it is the right thing to do. we've seen leaders from both parties indicate that now is the time to get comprehensive immigration reform done. the bill that senator rubio and others put forward, i think it is a great place to start. it doesn't contain everything i want. what i am not going to do is go along with somethig where we are looking for an excuse not to do as oppose as a way to do it. >> president obama in mexico city talking about immigration reform. that is front and center next yeek. back with the panel. mara, where do you think we stand and the bill of the gang of eight stands. >> i think the bill is resilient and there are head wind and big pockets of republican recestance. but i am impressed by the
3:51 pm
depth of the coalition behind it. business community and conservative activist and entire republican establishment and marco rubio and i think it is chugging along and pass the senate and will be the house to pass citizen does that have a path to citizenship or not. the president was cheer in the press conference, he will not sign something without a pass for citizenship. i think we are going to end up with something. it is one of those rare things that are in the party's political interest to do and that's why i think it will get done. >> senator reid trying to do everything to get it across the finish line. you will have stiff opposition in the house and senator sessions in the senate, where do you think it stands . >> it is it in pretty good shape. it will be being to see what
3:52 pm
happens in the house. but like in the senate you have republicans that are important to conservatives that right now are on board with the concept that includes a path to citizenship. i wanted a conservative tea party republican that is part of the gang of eight . bob goodlet that is no squish . what the house is doing they are trying to involve as many members as you can and not ceding it to what ever are the house comes up with. there will be bills that have to do with guest worker program and strengthens the e-verify program and give members a shot at this and so that everyone feels involved. one of the worst things to do to lose in the house these days is make members feel like it is a message and order on
3:53 pm
high and eat it and like it and give them a chance and don't make them feel like it is rushed and thread the needle. >> bret: how much about the trigger and border security. how much of the politics of republican politics and looking at the map, plays into some of this, charles? >> look, it is the reason for the impetus. it is obvious it was read by republicans, unless you do something and stop alienating the american hispanics, you will not win the white house. there is a return to the bush position in the middle part of the debate which was not widespread accepted in the republicans and they are accept to it and i don't think the main issue with the republicans and conservatives resisting this is about citizenship.
3:54 pm
it is about enforcement. there is a sense. i think they understand there will have to be a path that is accepted. there is a sense that if you have control of the border it will be okay. it will not be like the swindle in 1986 in which enforcement was promised and never happened. that's why i think, the bill is not yet secure. it will depend on not on citizenship but depend on whether the democrats are serious about enforcement. rubio talked about members who might want to have a double fence and the one outside of san diego has triple fence and reduced imlegal immigration. what possible objection could you have? it worked in israel and a lot
3:55 pm
of places. i think republicans will look for indications and seriousness of enforcement. >> bret: where is the biggest opposition. representative steve king from iowa. amnesty and using that word . you have seen cost. >> certainly the heritage foundation is focused on that . welfare and taxpayer funded services and you have jeff sessions in the senate. but i think that the opposition is surmountable. you have the president telling the left don't push for too much guys. if you pull it too far to the left you will queer the deal. >> that's it for the panel and stay tuned as we reveal recent impacts of sequestitration. i'm really gd that girl stayed at home.
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hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free. >> bret: finally tonight, we have had many reports on the effects of sequestration. people feeling the pain across the nation before congress passed its f.a.a. bill long lines at the airports. now those complaints at the long lines at the airports because the pending f.a.a. furloughs were all the rage. it effected the lawmakers and apparent there also affected the executive branch back then u too. >> a trip up to the high country for vice president joe biden in air force 2 has run into problems. after landing in flagstaff the plane's engine sucked in debris and had to be grounded.
4:00 pm
unfortunately because the jess station cuts this is how the vice president had to get home. [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this "the fox report." tonight the body of the dead bombing suspect is on the move. funeral arrangements. will tam more alan tsarnaev be buried in the united states? plus, the first woman to make the fbi's most wanted list of terrorists. >> she is a domestic terrorist who has murdered a law enforcement officer, execution style. >> now, she is on the fbi list. sharing space with some of the most dangerous people in the world. >> she continues to maintain and promote her terrorist ideology. >> and while they know where she is, they cannot get to her. >> she surfaced in cuba and was given political asylum